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BALAMARI INVESTMENT NIG LTD is a reputable comapny registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission with registration No.: 714247 to comply with the Nigeria companies and allied matters 1990.

The Company engages in modern solar energy, ICT, Telecommunication and technological projects, our staff have years of experience with regards to customer satisfaction and commitments. We are specialized in supplies, installation and renovation and wallpaper painting etc.

With the technical backing of organizations, BALMARI INVESTMENT NIG LTD engages the most up to date design and consultancy methods which are essential in ensuring the optrium and complete satisfaction of our clients. We also fully in line with Government’s policies on technological development both rural and urban developmental schemes.

BALMARI INVESTMENT NIG LTD experts has made us very well equipped to handle any work precisely, professionally and effectively.

BALMARI INVESTMENT NIG LTD services are unique, and a holistic approach is adopted towards providing valid service, that are identified as critical towards the well being of the entire society, and substantial numbers of dobs are generated continuously to abate redundancy. To justify the dynamism of engineering and technology, we, collaborate with National and International companies to benefit from the vast experience of each other and a complete transfer of know-how is ensured.



To be in the forefront or cutting edge of building and construction technology, making BALMARI a major name in providing excellent and timeless structures and delivering high quality construction, beautification and industrial projects.


To impact our nation positively in all civil needs, constantly improving on service delivery and standards, to serve as a model for others and to build an enduring legacy in our chosen industry.


To attain our goals by highly competitive in everything we do, pay attention to details and satisfying clients and motivating our employees.

Our Board of Directors

The Board of Director of the company comprises of four (4) members. The board has the responsibility of formulating the company policies as well as waking decision for the management and operation of the company to attain objectives.

Mohammed Kabir Adam


Alhaji Usman Adam


Umar Ibrahim Idris


Mansur Abdulrahaman



Our core values in the quest for optimum service delivery, the company has adopted the latest architectural model rising design technology with organization objectives creating a platform of services availbale to target markets. As segments within the race with competitors, thus our model are aligned with placing our clientele in competitive positions through.

  • Satisfying the needs of its clients by providing value on their project investments
  • To appraise project through structure project evaluation systems to ascertain conformity or alteration from inceptive project goals.
  • To privfr adeaquate documentations for project to facilities their conformity and restraint on the defaulters in order to prevent loss of investments.
  • To utilize the principle of information technology applicable to projects from inception to completion and facility management.
  • To meet over diversified customer needs, the company has put, in place a resilient work force and an effecient maintenance module for completed projects
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