our Sectors

We deliver different services across the nation to meet our client’s ideal desires, their project scope and budget. Focusing on four key sectors that complement our skills, experience and industry knowledge, we are experts in these sectors:

Civil Engineering

We utilize our longstanding relationships, outstanding team culture, cutting-edge technology, and technical expertise to deliver successful projects and unsurpassed service nationwide

Information & Communication Tech.

Balmari Investment Nigeria Ltd has grown into a well-recognized provider of Infrastructure, audio visual, advanced networking, unified communications, security, servers and storage to end-user solutions and hardware sales and support, which help our customers achieve their business goals.

Solar Power Management

BALMARI INVESTMENT NIGERIA LIMITED is reputed for conceptualizing, planning, designing and deploying solar powered solutions to meet the growing private and industrial needs.

Consultancy Services

Due to the ever-increasing pursuit of the Federal Government of Nigeria in providing portable and safe human consumption water, we are blessed with seasoned and experienced personnel in the field of water Engineering Designs.